"Redefining the Frac Sand
 Logistics Chain"
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The Benefits

Health Safety & Environmental

SandBox Logistics is committed to protecting both the environment and personnel at each well-site. Our patent-pending process addresses many of the safety and environmental issues that other frac sand hauling and storage solutions cannot offer, including:

  • Reduced road traffic
  • Reduced personnel on frac site
  • Eliminate silica dust particles
    • OSHA has issued a hazard alert related to the health hazards of silica dust that is present in frac sand.
    • SandBox’s process eliminates the need for multiple sand transfer points so the silica stays “inside the box” rather than being released into the air at the well-site.

Lower Operating Costs

Eliminate unnecessary capital investments in euipment/machinery

  • SandKings/Movers
  • Silos
  • Pneumatic Trucks
  • Conveying Equipment

Improve Efficiencies / Costs

  • Eliminate scheduling issues (Delivery)
  • Eliminate the number of required trucks/trailers (delivery times of 5 minutes)
  • Eliminate Demurrage ( Both Rail & Trucking)
  • Set up mobile transload facility almost anywhere to reduce distance from transload to well
  • Eliminate rail shrinkage & Contamination

Proppant Quality

The patented SandBox process eliminates several steps in the frac sand transport process, which allows clients to receive delivery of higher quality proppants at their well-site.

  • Eliminate product shrinkage on the rail
  • Reduce sand degradation by eliminating transloading steps
  • Eliminate contamination

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